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This post is intended to help you choose bravery over cowering in your everyday life, but what are some ways you can be brave today? There are in fact plenty of ways to be brave everyday! For example, say you want a promotion at work, but are scared of rejection. Instead of asking for the promotion or raise, you keep making excuses why you cannot ask. Perhaps your boss leaves early, you are too busy, you have to pick up the kids so you could not ask today. Be real and honest with yourself, you may just be delaying it to avoid the fear of being declined. Go in with the idea that you may be rejected, maybe even expect it in some fashion. This way when you ask and if you don't succeed, it won't be a huge blow as you were kind of expecting it anyways. If you are given what you ask for, then awesome, they see how valuable you are. When you don't get what you want, then you can clear that stressor off your mental plate and explore other avenues to achieve your goals and be compensated for your high value. When you do get what you want, then step up and deliver work harder and more efficiently than ever to prove a right decision was made and you are the best person for your position. This is just one example of displaying bravery in our everyday lives.

Another example could be starting your own business. Say you are a talented artist and creating beautiful art comes naturally to you. You have considered starting a website or even selling it through other platforms, but you haven't for fear that no one will like it and it won't sell. Inside you do not know if you could handle this type of rejection as you pour your heart and soul into your art. This is when you need to stop overthinking it and taking criticism so personally. Feel confident in who you are and what you create. Post your art for sale at what you feel it is worth whether it be $10-$10,000. I assure you there is someone out there who appreciates your talents and one of a kind pieces, you just may need to be patient in finding said person.

Life is short and goes by fast. Do not stew over actions you should have made, but look ahead instead of behind. If you do not act, you will always wonder, "What if" and never have the answer. At least a rejection is a clear cut answer and then you can move on focusing your time and energy where it will be reciprocated back to you. Make decisions for yourself today. You are the only one who can control your fate and future, despite the temptation to blame others when your life isn't how you envisioned. The only person who can change you is you.

If you see someone being bullied, step in and put a stop to it. Bullying does not stop with childhood. It is not necessary to make a scene when stopping it as you do not want to embarrass the victim, yet be cool and calm while stopping whatever disrespect is happening. Your bravery and confidence will earn you respect as others will see your subtle acts of goodness and admire you for them, although notoriety is not the goal.

Start today with strength. You will find with each brave act, the next one gets easier. Your confidence will build and rejections will be swept away and forgotten about. This will allow you to declutter your emotional bank as well as allow positive energy to flow easily into your life. You are amazing, so recognize it and act upon it.

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