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Natana Naturals is a small family-owned company founded in 2018 which all started in the kitchen of our Kansas home. Pregnant at the time, I felt there were no skincare products I could safely use, so with my background in biology and chemistry, my husband suggested I make my own and from there it grew. He began researching useful anti-aging ingredients shown to combat people’s most common skin concerns and conditions. While he found the essential components, I formulated the products balancing natural skincare and science to make safe yet effective aging defense skincare.

Portrait of a Young Man

We genuinely aim to help people improve skin conditions such as natural signs of aging, dark circles, uneven skin tone, rosacea, melasma, blotchiness, and much more. We strive to have you feel confident about your skin in and out of make-up. Skincare does not have to be confusing or complicated and thanks to our efforts, skincare is now easy to use and easy to stay on track with monthly subscriptions being shipped right to your home. Let your outer beauty reflect your inner beauty.

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