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Top 7 Ways to Increase Your Beauty

I've said it before that external beauty improves internal beauty and I stand by my statement, which may seem superficial, but it indeed is not. Reiterating from previous posts, when we feel confident about our appearance, it's reflected internally on how we may feel about the other aspects of ourselves as a whole. We were each gifted a body and it is necessary to take care of that gift, for it can also aid your mind and soul, which, along with the body, are all equally important and to neglect any one area will result in a sense of incompleteness and lack of self worth. Due to the importance of these, Natana Naturals and I are obligated to provide tips to you as to how you can nurture and care for every aspect of yourself.

  1. TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN: This is not only your face, but your entire body. Eat nutrient dense foods, don't overconsume drugs/alcohol, moisturize your body and treat the skin on your face appropriately (Especially since it is the most vulnerable).

  2. MEDITATE: Take 3-5 minutes a day to close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This seems simple enough, but can often be the most difficult. If you are able, meditate at the same time every day. Set a timer on your phone with a gentle sounding alarm like ocean waves to inform you when time is up. Most likely, you'll find that 3-5 minutes pass quicker than you thought, yet this short period of time will help put your mind in a calm state and add some focus to your scattered thoughts. Often I have found that many questions I had were answered during meditation, for when you stop the noise and listen, you are often spoken to.

  3. DO RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: Performing kind acts does not only help you, but others around you. This doesn't have to be expensive or time consuming, in fact, it is often just the opposite. You can bring the random shopping cart in from the parking lot as you are walking in the store, pick up trash that is in your path, or give someone a card on their birthday. The list goes on and on, but these small acts all have something in common, that being that they can make someone's day, including yours.

  4. ACCENT YOUR FEATURES: Even if you feel you have no physical attributes which stand out, deep down you know you are wrong. Be honest with yourself and do not feel guilty for admitting or admiring such traits. Maybe you have a beautiful smile, pretty eyes, long eyelashes, pretty skin tone, nice hands, etc.. Once you determine what it is, accent it. If you have beautiful hair, wear it down for the world to see, curl it, condition it, do what you can to enhance your already beautiful traits. If you have pretty eyes, wear colors that make them stand out or wear a little make-up to make them pop. If you have a nice body, wear clothes that show off your figure while remaining classy (and not too revealing). If you have pretty hands, paint your nails and wear rings to draw attention to them.

  5. HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH: It's human nature for some to challenge each person they come into contact with often without even realizing they are doing it. All forms of life tend to have a pecking order and you do not want to be categorized at the bottom. When you first meet someone, let it be known that you are valued and at the top, no matter what internal struggles you may have. This does not mean being controlling or unkind, but being confident and not standing for subtle insults or people unnecessarily trying to dictate your actions. No one can make you feel inferior without your permission, so don't give it.

  6. CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS: We are all emotional beings, but our emotions come with much weight. This is why when you see someone who has emotional control, you know it has either taken a great deal of work or the person is a sociopath (Just kidding, but maybe). It you find yourself losing emotional control, then by all means, remove yourself from the situation until you can gain composure and control. We've all seen people who overact and overreact emotionally as others pity them in the process. Do not let this become you. Once you have regained control and reflected on the situation, express your emotions in a kind and controlled fashion because it isn't good to pretend your emotions are not real, but to instead express them in a controlled and dignified matter.

  7. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH GOOD PEOPLE: You are who you associate with, so be sure to stick with awesome people. If you are not around people who are bringing you up, then you need to change your scene. It is not necessary to hurt feelings during this transition, but you are now unavailable for such events and people. If you do not know any good people, then meet some. Volunteer, join a church, take a class that interests you. You are bound to eventually meet some good people with similar interests.

Keep in mind that beauty can be found in every aspect of your life. No person is perfect, but the more balanced your mind, body and soul are, the more complete you will feel and the more of yourself can be shared with the world.

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