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New Year, New You?

Another year has passed as it always does and the new years resolutions begin pouring out like verbal vomit. However, everyone knows the majority of them are just words with no intent of real action behind them. There are always excuses and distractions to put off or delay those things in life which require real effort and focus. In fact, we are filled with a world of distractions everywhere we look. When I get on the computer to do one simple task, such as checking my e-mails, I'm bombarded with three different popups on average. It can be very tempting to click on one of these and now what was going to take ten minutes has turned into an hour without my original task being completed.

If you decide to make a new years resolution this year, make it one you can truly focus on with measurable goals. For example, if your goal is to get in better shape, don't use the scale as a guide as the numbers may never change as you rid yourself of fat and put on muscle. Instead, take measurements of your waist, arms, etc... along with beginning photos. Do new measurements and photos every two weeks. This is where you will see real change and progression. If you want beautiful skin, quit eating trash food and buying crappy skincare. Ingest skin healthy foods and use only quality skincare products instead of whatever's on sale or cheapest (There's a reason it's cheap). If you've been wanting to start your own business, but haven't known quite where to begin, find someone who has done it and follow their lead. Don't ask your friend who has never started a business for the answers. Find the person who has or is doing what you want, they are more likely to have the answers you seek. You wouldn't ask someone who is out of shape how to get in shape. If you feel you don't know or can't find anybody, use the internet. This wonderful resource has an exorbitant amount of free information on YouTube, podcasts, etc... Just take care not to get distracted!

Another common resource that is overlooked is the library. Just because it's free does not mean it's devalued. Well, technically it's not free and your taxes help fund it. Anyways, there is a wonderful app called Libby. On this app you simply enter your library card information (Yes, you will have to actually get a library card) and it gives you free access to thousands of books and other resources. Don't feel like you have time to read? No problem, as there are several audio books to choose from (Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Libby, I just love it). If you have a daily commute, listening to an audiobook about the area you want to know more of is a great way to not waste your life away in your car. One of the biggest challenges I face when driving is the time it takes, time I will never get back and I feel I've somehow wasted. When I listen to an audiobook, I don't feel this as much and it decreases my road rage as I feel like I am not wasting my time, but better educating myself in areas of interest.

I do not mean for this blog post to sound harsh, but realistic. You are the controller of you and no one else is unless you allow them to be which is still something you determine if that's the case. So, wherever you are in your life, it is because of you. It's easy to put blame on others in your life for the things you haven't accomplished, but the reality is it's not their fault, it's yours. This year, take a realistic look at where you are and where you want to go. If you keep doing the things you've always done, you will continue to be where you've always been. Seek where you truly want to be and take the steps to accomplish. Radical changes rarely if ever happen overnight, but big changes happen from a small shift in the direction you want to go. Quit making excuses and instead make results. I believe in you and it's time you start believing in yourself. Ask God for guidance along the way, and he will guide you where you need to go to make real lasting positive change.

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