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Easter's Meaning

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Today is Easter, the day we celebrate Jesus rising from the dead. I have come to find out that many on the internet believe Easter to be celebrating a death or the beginning of spring. Despite this, I encourage you all to research the true meaning of Easter as it was meant to be. Regardless, I can see how many are confused. I find myself trying to explain the true meaning of Easter to my young son, but he does not seem to grasp the concept, instead reverting back to bunnies and candy. While we try and explain further the true meaning, he retaliates stating he does not want to talk about it finding the whole concept mind boggling. Nevertheless, I will continue to try in hopes one day his advancing mind will put the pieces together making sense of what Easter is really about.

Sometimes, it's easy to disregard the true meaning of things, even as adults. Society has made it far too easy to quit thinking and problem solving. In fact, people often instead just put a distraction in front of their faces to avoid addressing the real issues needing resolution. The internet has given us so much value, yet so much turmoil at the same time. I was listening to the radio in the car and they stated the average IQ has dropped by 3%, where previous history has shown it increasing steadily. I do not believe we are getting dumber as a society, yet perhaps we are not using our brains as they were meant to be used. Society wants everything spoon fed to them and if anything takes longer than a minute to complete, you can just forget about it ever getting done. However, there are no qualms about spending hours senselessly watching videos or scrolling through social media. I am as guilty as anyone else, but it is time for us as a people to take control. Take control of the meaning of life and of your life. If you don't, then depression will set in and you will find yourself feeling utterly hopeless and unfulfilled. Take those hours you are spending doing nothing of value on the internet and put them to real tasks accomplishing goals you set for yourself. Jesus did not die on the cross and resurrect just for you to meander through your life. Life is a precious gift, one that was uniquely given to you by God and no one else's the same as yours. Do not squander your gift, yet celebrate and show gratitude by living to your full potential. Nothing feels worse than selling yourself short. If you fail, so what? Get up and try again, again, and again. Every great success was preceded by an innumerable amount of failures. When you succeed the glory will be so sweet and fulfilling. You will not just help but enrich other's lives along with your own.


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Beautiful!! I’m in full agreement. Our task is to endure our trials with Gid’s grace and persevere in them.


Wow!! Quite profound & full of wisdom

Replying to

Thank you!

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