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Why Mothers are so Important

Mother's Day is approaching, so I thought it fitting to write a blog post about mothers and the importance they have in our lives. Now let me say I know not everyone has a mother who is still living or who they ever knew growing up but everyone came into this world via a mother's womb. A mother does not have to be the person who birthed to you, but can be someone who is like a mother to you. Perhaps it is a grandmother, aunt or friend.

I was blessed to have a wonderful mother and mother in law. Now that I have been blessed as a mother myself, I see raising children from both sides. Before I was born, my parent's, at age 24, went from having no kids to five of them pretty much overnight. They had taken the children of a family member who was unable to care for them at the time. While most people their age were out socializing and partying, they had to grow up fast taking care of them. Eventually, three of the five went back to live with their father, but two stayed with my parents, my two oldest brothers. Later, my parents would go on to have four more biological children, with me being the youngest. A surprise my siblings say, but I prefer to say a blessing. My father passed away when I was 16 years old, leaving my mother to step up to the plate even more than she already had. She demonstrated determination, a solid work ethic and a strong faith, which let me see just how one's mindset can result in great achievements. With my mother, you always just did what needed to be done and that was that. There was no time for wallowing in your sorrow or being unmotivated. You have one life to live, so you best live it to your full potential, which I've tried. My mother is a great ear to listen whenever you need to be heard and has a vibrant energy still to this day that always amazes me. She looks at the glass half full and this attitude draws people to her. What can I say, she is an amazing woman.

My mother in law is also a fantastic woman worth admiration. She welcomed me into her home with open arms when she barely even knew me at the time as I was dating her son, my now husband. She let me stay at their home when the dorms were closed for holidays and made me feel part of the family. Her generosity and love has always amazed me, even for people she barely knows. It seems she always has a gift to give or do a generous act, even if it's unexpected. We are always welcomed with a warm meal and drink when we visit no matter what time we arrive. She has sacrificed working to be our Granny Nanny when our son was young, despite various outside pressures to do otherwise. My mother always told me to choose a man who loves his mother, and I for sure chose one, because how could you not love a woman like that.

Being a mother of two wonderful children today, I see how much effort goes into raising them with morals, values and confidence. The job of a mother is never done, nor should we ever want it to be. Many people who wish to be blessed with children often aren't. Count your blessings for having a mother or being one yourself. Children bring the utmost joy in our lives and they are worth all the effort taken to raise them as not only good, but great people. Show your mother love and appreciation not only today, but every day as she shows you. If your mother has passed on, take a few minutes to remanence on the times when she was here. Look at old pictures and talk about memories. Just because she is no longer here does not mean she is gone.

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