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Why External Beauty Improves Internal Beauty!

We have all heard the saying, "Beauty is only skin deep", but you have to ask yourself, is there really truth in that statement? Most of us have met someone who initially appears beautiful from the exterior, but as you get to know them and see the outer beauty doesn't match what is on the inside, their external flaws become prominent. Reversed, someone with apparent physical flaws, but a glowing personality, kind heart and confidence seems to make external flaws melt away as if they were never there. When we feel good about our external appearance, we act differently than the days when we struggle to change out of pajamas and brush our hair. Taking pride in external appearance is nothing to be ashamed of, feel vain or embarrassed about. When you take care of your external appearance, whether it be getting dressed or having flawless skin, you will feel different and thus act differently. You may hold your head higher, stand taller and exude kindness. Others will notice and respond favorably resulting in new opportunities. People can sense a positive self image regardless of verbal praise which warrants the other common phrase, "Actions are worth a thousand words." These actions open up new positive relationships and possibilities which may not otherwise been noticed, occurred or achieved. Next time the feeling of guilt arises when taking pride in skin and overall appearance, push the false feeling aside. There is no shame in wanting the most fulfilling life which one is truly meant for. Do not ignore the great relationships which you are destined to have. They are trying to help you live life to the fullest,

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