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Vitamin E

Vitamin E has been used in skincare for decades, but why? With all the vitamins out there, vitamin E has continually been sought out for its anti-aging properties. Below are some of the benefits and potential risks of vitamin E.

Benefits of vitamin E:

Vitamin E has many benefits for the skin and the body. It prevents wrinkles, moisturizes skin, decreases inflammation and addresses a variety of other issues such as acne, which is a common concern of many. It speeds up wound healing and diminishes the appearance of scars i.e. acne scars, stretch marks, etc.... Additionally, it reduces itchy skin and eczema which is becoming more common in society today. This vitamin's antioxidant properties slow down processes that can damage cells, thus ridding the body of free radicals (Unstable atoms that can damage cells). Vitamin E also helps to improve vision, reproduction, and enhance blood, brain and skin health. It also prevents nerve pain, (Neuropathy) which is another prevalent problem that people deal with.