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Skincare Tips To Look Beautiful!

Wash Your Face:

This may seem like a no brainers, but a great deal of people do not wash their face properly. Many women leave residual make-up behind which clogs pores, deepens wrinkles, and causes uneven skin tone due to irritation. Ensure all your make-up is removed before applying moisturizer. A good way to do this is to use a natural cleanser following washing your face. The cleansing pad should come back without any make-up on it if all was removed properly. A great aloe cleanser is Refresh Micellar Solution by Natana Naturals: at


Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, clears pores, prevents breakouts, and allows your skincare to better absorb. If you have oily acne prone skin you may want to exfoliate everyday. If you have combination skin every few days, and dry skin approximately once a week. No two individual's skin is exactly the same so you will have to determine how your skin feels after exfoliation. You skin should feel smooth, soft and clean. If it is painful or red for more than five minutes after exfoliating then you may be doing it too often. If you wrinkles look deep and you are breaking out, then you probably are not doing it enough.


Steaming you face before cleansing is an excellent way to open up your pores to fully clean them out and prevent black heads. Ideally you would stem your face for approximately 10 minutes, mask, and then moisturize. This will allow maximum results from you skincare products. You can purchase a face steamer or use the steam from a hot shower.


After washing your face, moisturization is the most important thing you can do for your skin. The best way to moisturize is to first wash you face ensuring all make-up is removed, exfoliate, and then apply your moisturizers. Applying a light serum first is ideal, followed by an eye treatment, and then a heavier easily absorbing cream. Not all moisturizers are the same and this is an areas you should never skimp on. If your moisturizer is cheap, then it is likely made with cheap filler ingredients that don't provide you with much benefit. Here are three options recommended:

Mask: Masking your face at least once a week will help clear pores and brighten your skin. Make sure you are using a mask suitable for your skin type. If you have dry skin you may not want an acne mask and if your skin is acne prone you don't want to use an intense moisture mask. After removing you mask be sure to apply your skincare directly following.

Wear Sunscreen: Wearing sunscreen is one of the best ways to prevent premature aging. It's easy to dismiss this, especially when you are young, but it may be the best thing you can do to stay looking young. Even when it is overcast the sun's harmful rays can still cause significant skin damage. Get in the habit of applying sunscreen after you moisturize.

Use a jade roller:

Use a jade roller to increase circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and smooth skin.

It takes an estimated 40-56 days the dermis to fully turn over, so give your skin at least this amount of time to see full results.

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