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Self Worth

We all need to feel important in our lives to fulfill our sense of self worth, such as when we contribute to something in some way. But if we feel underappreciated, it diminishes, in turn negatively impacting our psyche. Often, this results in a feeling of being trapped and stuck in a cycle which we feel we can never escape from. The truth is you can in fact be free, but you must act first.

If you are consuming alcohol, drugs, or too many prescriptions in order to try coping with depression, anxiety or feelings of loneliness, then perhaps you need to focus on the root cause instead of focusing on the quick fix to make you not care about what is staring you in the face each day. As with most things change doesn't happen overnight and may not be easy, but only you can decide to take that first step. Start small and build upon the differences in your lifestyle when you feel overwhelmed or when that sinking sensation of helplessness sets in.

If you feel lonely, join a church, a social group, or take up a new hobby. If you like to cook, enroll in a cooking class, art class, volunteer to feed the homeless. There are so many options for your enjoyment and self-fulfillment if you look. If you're pressed for time, then begin with shorter activities that you feel comfortable. You could participate in a 5K twice a year or volunteer weekly. All these avenues are great ways to meet people who have similar interests and who are probably looking for connections just as you are. Giving back, even in a little way increases your self worth and truly does make a difference, even if on a small scale.

When your self worth increases, so will your confidence, which can help you get out of any bad situations, no matter how painful in the moment. When you work to better your outcomes in life, the feeling of success will feed into your improved self view and give you the courage to face more difficult decisions you may have been turning a blind eye to night after night. Surround yourself with people who raise you up, not those who bring you down because they feel bad about themselves. You don't have a moment to spare for these kinds of people as your life is short and time is truly precious.

When people are near the end of life, they do not think about how many social media likes they had or wish they spent more time on Facebook. People report what matters most is the relationships and differences they have made for the world and others. I am not saying delete all your social media, as many find it enjoyable, Just recognize that nothing replaces in-person interactions or relationships. Release the invisible bonds which are tying you down emotionally and psychologically, that way you'll feel good about the path which you are on so that when you look back at your life you do not feel regret about staying in a situation or job you might've despised. Instead, make the hard decisions and you will feel free that you made the best choices for you and ended up on a path of self fulfillment and worth.

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well said!!

Natana Naturals
Natana Naturals
Apr 06, 2021
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Thank you ❤️

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