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Is Your Make-up Making You Break Out?

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Do you love make-up, but find that whenever you wear it you start to break out? You don't want your acne to show, so you put more makeup on to try and cover it. However, it just exacerbates the breakout making it worse. What is a person to do? Do not worry, you may just need to switch products. A common ingredient in powder and foundation is Bismuth Oxychloride, which may be the culprit.

Bismuth is an element on the periodic table which has a white pigment and powder consistency. It it used in make-up since it can act as a filler and reflects light making lines less visible. This is all great, except it also expands when wet. This means that if you have a product on you skin with Bismuth Oxychloride

in it, it will expand in your pores when wet. This can cause your pores to become irritated, therefore resulting in acne and blackheads. If you're a person who rarely sweats and doesn't plan to get your face wet, this if fine. However, if you exercise with your make-up on or tend to perspire throughout the day, Bismuth Oxychloride may just be the problem.

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