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How To Be More Attractive

Sometimes it's easy to fall in a rut without even realizing it. Perhaps you have children, work a full time job, etc.... It seems as though one day you look in the mirror and are shocked at your appearance. Do not fret, it is not too late. Here are some tips to bring yourself back to the fabulous person you are.

  1. USE SKINCARE PRODUCTS: The sooner you begin moisturizing your skin the better. Use products with natural fragrance and no parabens as these can be harmful.

  2. STAND UP STRAIGHT: Good posture exudes confidence and makes you look slimmer. It will also help prevent neck, shoulder and back aches.

  3. DRESS NICELY: Wear clothes that make you feel attractive and compliment your body. Only wear clothes for what they are meant for Ex: Exercise clothes for working out, date night clothes for going out and daytime clothes for daily activities. Incorporating jewelry adds class and can spice up an otherwise ordinary outfit.

  4. BE POLITE: Kind well mannered people are more attractive to everyone, including themselves. Be nice to people even when you don't have to and expect nothing in return.

  5. WEAR MAKEUP: Accent your best features (You know what they are). A little makeup can make a huge difference. Same goes for styling your hair.

  6. MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF: I know you always hear this and are thinking to yourself, "When, my whole day is filled." The fact of the matter is you control where your time goes. Set some aside for yourself each day. It may require you getting up before everyone else or going to your car for lunch.

  7. EXERCISE: Exercise is the second best thing you can do for yourself following restful sleep. It releases endorphins and dopamine (The feel good hormone). Not to mention it gives you a fabulous figure.

  8. GET RESTFUL SLEEP: Your bed should be a place for rest and relaxation, not a place of stress and rumination over things you cannot control. Getting restful sleep is the #1 thing you can do for your mental and physical well being. Exercise will promote healthy sleep and give you a refreshed look. Set a bedtime routine. Your body responds most favorably when you wake up at the same time every day.

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