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Father's Day

It may be needless to say that fathers are of utmost importance in our lives, as the role a father plays in their child's life helps shape the person they become. I feel fortunate to have had a father who always made me feel loved and special. He helped instill in me a strong work ethic while ensuring that I'd see the value in education and pursuing your dreams. When I was a child, he built a step stool so I could do the dishes after supper because I was too small to reach the sink. During his wood working in the blistering hot sun, I would help hold the boards still with my weight so he could cut them. Although some of these tasks were done begrudgingly, I did them without much complaint as I knew it would do me no good.

Now, I am grateful for having that work ethic shown to and invested in me. We had many fun times too, such as picking apples from the apple tree, water skiing, camping out at the lake and seeing various amusement parks. Although life was not always perfect, as it never truly is, I always felt loved. Life was not long for my father by today's standards with him passing away at the young age of 49 shortly after my 16th birthday. His passing was quite traumatic for me and even 22 years later, I cannot say I will ever be over it. There is a saying that time heals all wounds and although time does help, some wounds are never fully healed.

Despite the tragic loss of my father, I have been blessed and fortunate to have an amazing father-in-law. He has welcomed me with open arms as another daughter of his, which I will be forever grateful for. He has helped teach me how to shoot, hunt and develop skills I otherwise would not have by including me in the "Men's" activities. Always working hard to provide for his family and those he loves, he also has demonstrated a strong work ethic and shown the rewards of perseverance. Along with this, the generosity he displays for others still amazes me after all these years. It is no wonder he has such an amazing son, my husband.

My husband has been the man in my life longer than that of my father. He has sacrificed much for me and our children to provide us with the best life. He has been a strong male figure in our children's lives, shaping their development and making them respectable people. Life has presented challenges to our family, yet he has remained strong and weathered through the storms. He has morals and values which I find irreplaceable. His love and support are priceless and when hopelessness creeps in, I know he will always be the person who will be there for me regardless of my failures. I am forever grateful for the men in my life as you should be in yours. Understand nobody is perfect all the time, including yourself. Accept people for who they are and try help them be the best versions of themselves as you strive to be the best version of yourself. Show appreciation for the men in your life not only on Father's Day, but everyday.

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