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Real Beauty Vs. Fake Beauty

This blog post is written by my daughter, Liliana, who is a true beauty in every sense of the word. At first glance this post may seem counterintuitive as we are a skincare company with beauty ads. However, here at Natana Naturals we have a unique perspective and do things differently than traditional skincare companies. We aim to truly help people improve skin conditions to where they feel confident with or without make-up. Additionally, we believe inner and outer beauty are connected. The more beautiful you feel on the outside, the better you will feel on the inside and thus be the best versions of yourself. We are about real people, with real skin challenges, and real skin results.

Beauty Ads and Their Adverse Effects: by Liliana

Ads pertaining to various products and persuading viewers to indulge in their goods and services are undoubtedly a common sight today. Younger generations can be influenced by growing up around this marketing, but what if this normalized sight turned sour? Such is the case with beauty advertisements, as they are not only absurdly dishonest, but can cause a viewer shame and in pursuit of impossibly high standards, may result in legitimate harm.