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New Year....New You!

2022 isn't just a new year, but a fresh start to make all the changes you have been wanting to make. What are the things you have been putting off with excuses, and why haven't they been done yet? We all have 24 hours in a day, so why do some people get things done whereas others just talk or think about it? Now is the time to quit making excuses, set high yet realistic goals, and be the person you truly want to be. One of my favorite quotes is as follows, "The will of God is the ceaseless longing of the spirit in you to be all you are capable of being." I love this quote so much because we are all born with an internal will and drive to accomplish our heart's desires. No two people have the same exact desires in the same exact way, which is what makes us all so unique. There is only one of you, and you are special with no other human like you. For such a unique person as yourself though, here are a few special guidelines to help you get off on the right foot and implement the habits to help you not only determine your goals, but to achieve them. A way to succeed with your goals is to use the SMART goals method.

Step 1: Specific-Get as specific as possible about your goals and write them down.

Step 2: Measurable-Identify exactly how you are going to accomplish these goals.

Step 3: Attainable-Make goals challenging, but still achievable.

Step 4: Realistic-Be honest with yourself about what you can successfully complete each day to be successful in your plan.

Step 5: Time Sensitive-Set dates for each progress step to achieving your goal. Perhaps set quarterly goals to make sure you are on track and make adjustments as needed for success.

Unless you have a fantastic memory, you are going to want to write these steps out and review them every day to help create a clear picture of what you need to be doing and when you need to be doing it. We've all had that feeling of needing to be somewhere or doing something, but can't really remember what it is. This will help you prioritize your time for you goals in all aspects of you life. One of the main concerns amongst Americans is the challenge of not having enough time and finding balance in life. Perhaps you have goals to exercise more, spend more time with family, take a vacation each year, and write a novel. These things are not going to happen by themselves, so you have to plan them. Maybe you have to wake up an hour earlier each morning when everyone else is asleep to write in peace and quiet. You will need to discuss where the family wants to vacation this year and book it asap! Maybe you do have adequate time with family, but are always distracted by your phone or work on the computer when they are around. Make a mental note to put away whatever is distracting you and focus fully in the the moment with your family (They will notice, especially children). Taking a family walk after dinner will accomplish more family time as well as exercise.

Identify what your goals are and be real with yourself. You don't have to announce it to anyone, but rather have it in your heart. Don't be ashamed if your goals aren't following social norms or what you think others believe your goals should be. Only you can identify what they are and how you can successfully accomplish them. You are an amazing human who was granted life on this planet spinning in a never ending universe. You are meant for and are capable of amazing things. Don't waste the priceless life you were given and know that you have it in you to be all the things you desire to be. Recognize the talents which were bestowed upon you and embrace them fully to make the world a brighter place not just for yourself, but for others too.

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great advice.............thank you for well-written blog!!!!

Natana Naturals
Natana Naturals

Thank you for you comment and appreciation. Have a wonderful new year!

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