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Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Arguably there are over 6,500 spoken languages in the the world today, but what is to be said for the unspoken languages of love, beauty, kindness and respect?

LOVE can be shown in many ways without even saying a word. You can show your spouse you love them by holding the door open, taking pride in your appearance or cooking their favorite meal.

BEAUTY can be expressed outwardly and inwardly. You can do things to continue being attractive to your partner, whether it be staying in shape, taking care of your skin or dressing your body in a respectable fashion. Internal beauty can be displayed by listening to others when they need to vent while not being over critical or judgmental. Supporting people you care about and their dreams, no matter how audacious, is a beautiful action and will inspire you to pursue and accomplish some of your own outlandish dreams as well.

KINDNESS goes a long way with those close to you or people you just met. Opportunities are all around us; we just are often too busy to notice them. Acting with kindness will make you and others feel better in many ways. I remember as a child in elementary school, a classmate of mine brought three stamps to school giving them to our teacher. I thought this was an odd thing to do, I mean who brings someone stamps? It wasn't until the teacher accepted them with tears in her eyes stating she did not have enough money to buy stamps to mail her bills and last night did not know what she was going to do (This was before the days of internet and on-line bill pay). Then, out of nowhere, this child randomly brings her stamps. You never know how far your seemingly simple act of kindness will go. It may go a lot further than you realize.

Last but not least is RESPECT. "Give respect, get respect." This quote is so true on so many fronts. Even if the person you are giving respect to does not return it, you will still receive the respect you give, even if it is not from that person. You may gain the respect of the by-standards seeing what a noble and respectable person you are. You may gain the respect of your peers, co-workers or employees for doing what is right, even if it is not in your favor at that moment. Giving respect to others ultimately makes you a more respectable person opening up more opportunities than your disrespected opposite whom people shun away from.

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